We all make wishes, although do we wish for the right thing?

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Have you for ever wished for a winning lottery ticket, or that you had gotten a raise. Maybe you have had one of those days when everything goes wrong? Wished you could turn back time and relive the day? What if we told you that you can?! Ok, not really. But what if we told you that you can make someone’s day by using your wish to brighten up their life. Alternatively, you may simply wish to make your life easier, happier and more fulfilling. Everyone has a secret dream, but most are afraid to admit it. Be inspired by the stories of those who have come before you. What will you wish for if anything is possible? Think outside the box, adventure over continents, thrill to romance, make your mark in history. Anything's imaginable with just one free wish, so don't delay, make your one wish today! 

Wishes are significant in human life;

They may be defined as a hope, dream or love for something, their presence felt from folklore to literature. While fiction is about supernatural wishes, sometimes entire tales revolve around wishes. Classically, the wish provider is a Genie, or spirit, after all who can ever forget the Aladdin's oil lamp, or a container closed with Solomon's seal. Some cultures encourage people to "make a wish," such wishing upon a shooting star at night, tossing a coin into a well, or blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. When times are tough, they offer us the much-needed comfort, giving us a hint of hope and luck.

While good physical and mental health is desired by one and all, fame and money are what many crave for. Desire for world peace and a more civilized world are the wishes of all the good-hearted souls. With dreadful news of attacks, wars, and economic slowdown flooding the news columns – good news is eagerly wished for. Love is perhaps the most wished, irrespective of the language they speak, or where they live, or how much they earn. People crave for love. Lonely hearts and those who are in love look forward to starting a family. People pray for their relationship to work out well. Some make their wishes for good things for their family while some desire to have a sweet family of their own. Orphans hope for the kind adopted parents and to become part of a loving family. Married couples make their wishes to extend their families by having children or adopting them.

Wishes can reveal the nature of an individual, and interestingly act as connections between human beings, with similar wishes bringing people together. It would be no exaggeration to affirm that every endeavour kick-starts with a wish. Human beings are born with an innate aptitude to create what they want. What is required is the understanding of how to "turn on" this ability. Wishing plays a pivotal role in hope, resilience, purpose, love, goal setting and more... It's not always possible to guess the cause of happiness or the reason behind a particular demand. As a result, people often land up wishing for the “wrong” things. One completely free wish, that’s all it takes to get started. We have over 350,000 well-wishers from around the world - all with one thing in common: a desire to see their wishes come true. You can find wishes for any occasion, whether it's a Birthday, Christmas, Marriage or Graduation wish. These are just some of the important wishes you can make online so join the community of well-wishers and make your free one wish today.

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