Open Message


We have all been touched in one way or another by the global pandemic circumnavigating the globe. Life has been incredibly challenging to say the least for everyone and now we all could do with a bit of goodwill, hope and cheer!

Like most, I too have been affected; I recently lost my career of thirty-seven years and certainly have an unknown future ahead of me. Scary? Yes, but I am not alone, thousands if not millions have suffered in the same way, some have endured far harsher times with the loss of a loved one. Therefore, if possible, please help me to spread some love and happiness for free and let someone know they are not alone and there is hope and a future ahead of us.

I do not know where to begin or even how to advise you? However, if this message sparks just one person to forward a gift which may be as simple as a hug, food, a toy (unwanted present), or something that will show a friend or someone in need there is somebody out there who cares! This could be done directly in-person or through their local charity, business and/or school. Then at least we will know someone’s life has been filled with some extra happiness and hope at this incredibly challenging time for us all!

No one should ever feel alone, please help me to spread some love, happiness and hope throughout your community. - This could be as simply as being there just to listen or the offer of a helping hand?

Take Care.
Stay Safe and Well!

Wishes are significant in human life

They may be defined as a hope, dream or love for something. Their presence felt from folklore to literature. While fiction is about supernatural wishes, sometimes entire tales revolve around wishes. Classically, the wish provider is a Genie, or spirit, after all who can ever forget the Aladdin's lamp or a container closed with Solomon's seal. Some cultures encourage people to make a wish, for instance,  wishing upon a shooting star at night, tossing a coin into a well, or blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. When times are tough, they offer us the much-needed comfort, giving us a glimmer of hope and luck. Wishing plays a pivotal role in hope, love and goal setting. It's not always possible to guess the cause of happiness or the reason behind a particular demand. As a result, people often land up wishing for the “wrong” things.

Wishes can reveal the nature of an individual, and interestingly act as connections between human beings with similar wishes, bringing people together. It would be no exaggeration to affirm that every endeavour kick-starts with a wish. Human beings are born with an innate aptitude to create what they want. What is required is the understanding of how to "turn on" this ability. We all wish for something but do we wish for the right thing…..

"What or who will you wish for?"