What will you wish for?

Wishes can reveal the nature of an individual, and interestingly act as connections between human beings, with similar wishes bringing people together. It would be no exaggeration to affirm that every endeavour kick-starts with a wish. Human beings are born with an innate aptitude to create what they want. What is required is the understanding of how to "turn on" this ability. We all wish for something, but do we wish for the right thing. Wishing plays a pivotal role in hope, resilience, purpose, love, goal setting and more... It's not always possible to guess the cause of happiness or the reason behind a particular demand. As a result, people often land up wishing for the “wrong” things.

Wishes are significant in human life; they may be defined as a hope, dream or love for something. Their presence felt from folklore to literature. While fiction is about supernatural wishes, sometimes entire tales revolve around wishes. Classically, the wish provider is a Genie, or spirit, after all who can ever forget the Aladdin's oil lamp, or a container closed with Solomon's seal. Some cultures encourage people to "make a wish," such wishing upon a shooting star at night, tossing a coin into a well, or blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. When times are tough, they offer us the much-needed comfort, giving us a hint of hope and luck.

While good physical and mental health is desired by one and all, fame and money are what many crave for. Desire for world peace and a more civilized world are the wishes of all the good-hearted souls. With dreadful news of attacks, wars, murders, and economic slowdown flooding the news columns – good news is eagerly wished for. Love is perhaps the most wished, irrespective of the language they speak, or where they live, or how much they earn. People crave for love. Lonely hearts and those who are in love look forward to starting a family. People pray to God for their relationship to work out well. Some make their wishes for good things for their family while some desire to have a sweet family of their own. Orphans hope for the kind adopted parents and to become part of a loving family. Married couples make their wishes to extend their families by having children or adopting them.

Wish of the Month

I wish to become more outgoing and popular at both jobs and be a positive influence on others around me. I wish to become rich, full of life and wealthy and able to help others in the community and be a bright spark in the community with fun, food and freedom of expression. I wish for the gun violence to stop, and people stop getting shot and killed. I wish for the safety and health of myself, my friends and family. I am very lucky and healthy and supported and cherished. People do love me, and I feel so good when I help other people out. I pray that my blog becomes successful, and I can have sponsors for my work. Publishing some kid's books and poetry collections as well. I am a super successful writer and author and am well loved by many! I wish to live in a safe area and am looked out for and cared about and loved by my neighbors and friends. God & the universe see my potential and know that I am capable of great things!

The Good Luck Wish

Who does not want good luck? Most people pray to God for good marks in exams, a life partner, to make them rich overnight and what not! However, luck is so notorious that though at times it acts in favour, there are times when it ditches too. We wish each other luck before beginning something important or when we go for an exam or a business meeting. After all, we all wish to be blessed with prosperity. There are many who make regular visits to fortune-tellers to know if luck will favour them in the future. There are also certain objects that we consider to be lucky. This differs from culture to culture – from hanging horseshoes at the front door of a house, to putting coins under doorsteps to bring financial gains in the family. Four-leaf clovers, rabbit's foot and fortune frogs are some of the common symbols of good luck that are found in Western and Asian cultures.

Good Luck

Love is All That Matters

If you wish for love, then you are not alone. Love is wished for by most people, no matter what language they speak, or where they live, or how much they earn. Love knows no boundaries of age, location or gender, in fact, philosophers around the world equal Love with God! When you wish for love, it is as if you wish for God. No one feels complete in life unless they are loved by someone or have someone to love. There is perhaps no other thing in this world that can make anyone as happy as love does. Some keep their love a secret while others confess it to the world. Whether you want your ex back in your life or wish for someone special to fall in love with you head over heels, do not confine your wishes to yourself. The moment you write it down, you’ll feel more confident, and your wishes will come true.


Wish for Money

A small wish on a dandelion fluff “I hope I become a millionaire someday.” Those who have money, they wish for more and those who do not, clamour for some. Most people can benefit from having more of money in their lives. Actually, it all begins with a simple thinking – or at least, that is what studies on people who are wealthy reveal. It has been found that people who have learnt to think about money differently are the ones who manage to make it big, albeit financially. There are some concrete reasons just below the perspective of our consciousness. These if left unchanged, persist to ambush our every attempt in making our wish come true. Physical tangible wealth begins from a wish. With time, this wish grows into clarity and feeling until it can be turned into reality. To describe in brief, all human beings have the innate inborn aptitude to create what they want. What we only require is to understand how to "turn," this ability “on" undoubtedly, wishing is a significant part in this process.


Wish to Become Famous

Fame is what many crave for but only a handful succeeds in accomplishing it. Those who are lucky become famous, while others fade out with the wish to become well-known. While some desire to rule millions of hearts with their acting skills, many wish to be a famous athlete someday. While some foster the dream of ruling the nation, few aspire to become millionaires. Often, when nobody was noticing, you may have thrown pennies into the wishing well to make your wish come true. However, in reality, it is the strenuous training, experience, and persistence that are the key ingredients to fame. Setting up of realistic goals and the realization that chances are slim of being the next Miley Cyrus is important to keep you grounded and yet wish for the stars.


Making Wishes for the Family

Some people wish good things for their family while some wish to have a sweet family. You are maybe wishing for a good relationship with your spouse or want to have another child in your family. From health, happiness, and the success of all your family members to wishing that problems between your family members are sorted out, wishes related to the family are endless. One cannot stop wishing good for family members in every sphere of life. And there are also those who don't have a family and wish to have one! Orphans wish for good, and kind adopted parents. Lonely singles and those who are in love look forward to starting a family. Married couples wish to extend their families by having children or adopting them. So, what do you wish for your family? Alternatively, do you wish to have a family? Put it down in writing. Read about what others have wished for in the family wishes section of this website. When people around the world read about your wishes, they too will feel like wishing that your wishes come true. Let the world know what you wish for your family. It may also happen that someone may read your wish and help you to make it come true. Do not underestimate the power of words. Just write down that one wish that is on your mind! 


Wishing for Your Relationship

Relationships are delicate. Unless you tend to them with a lot of love, care, and attention, they may die sooner even before you realize. We will wish our love to stay by our side forever, but destiny may have something else in store. Those who are single may wish to fall in love and be in a relationship. The silver lining is wishes often do come true. All you have to do is wish. If you do not wish, then how can you expect them to come true in the first place? Most people do not want their relationships to stumble midway and keep wishing for it to work out until the end of their lives. If you have just one wish to make, and it is the success of your relationship, then do not hesitate and speak out. It will come true! 


Let Peace Prevail On Earth

As if there was not a dearth of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions to kill us, that people all around the world make war! As if they are bent on eliminating the human race. Wonder what the government around the world gain by war? However, we do all lose a part of us with each war or act of violence that takes place on this earth. With the advancement in civilization, we are supposed to live in peace and harmony. Somehow, the wheel seems to be turning backwards towards the ancient barbaric days when people used to kill each other at the drop of a hat. Racial attacks, communal violence and hatred for neighbouring countries do not show any signs of decline. So, if you wish for world peace and a more civilized world, then let the world know about it. Each thought, each belief, and each wish matters! 


Wish for the Wealth of Health

Health is wealth but not all of us are endowed with it. There are many people around the globe who are suffering from deadly diseases. Good physical and mental health is desired by one and all. However, a lot of effort is required to maintain a good health in all aspects. Even if you are too fat or too thin, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of a good health. Lots of exercises, healthy eating habits and efficient stress management go into the making of a healthy body, mind, and heart. If you are suffering from a disease and wish to be healthy, then write about it. People around the world will read your wish and learn about your problems. You can also get to know what health problem's others are bothered with. It is even possible that after reading your wish, someone may come to help you to make your wish a reality. So, never stop wishing for a wonderful health. However, also keep working hard to attain that perfect healthy body and mind. In fact, if you wish for good health is fulfilled, then your other wishes will also come true. 


Don't Let Hope Leave You

Hope is what keeps us going! Those who lose hope about life hardly have anything to live for. They may think that his or her life is not worth living. If you are going through a very bad phase in life, then hoping for the return of the good times makes you work hard to bring them back. Hope is all around us in the world. All you need to do is look for it, and it will be yours. You just have to believe that whatever you are hoping for will actually happen, and the good vibrations that you generate as a result of it will help to make your hope a reality. Hope is something that you should not keep to yourself only. Share your hopes with the world and learn what others hope for. The Hope Wishes section lets you put down your hopes in words. The moment you write it down, your conviction becomes stronger than what you hoped or wished for to come true. You feel good about it and work towards it to make it a success. Do not keep your hopes a secret from the world. Share your good feelings and convictions with people all around the world. 


Have Faith in Your Wishes

Faith in God or faith in yourself, faith is what makes you a confident human being. You must have faith in yourself and on the power of God to have all your wishes fulfilled. Wishes made for the good never go wasted. Sometimes we are forced to face a tough road and perhaps do not even know where we are going. That is the time when you should not lose faith in yourself or your ideals. More often than not, having faith is good for your psychological well-being. Even if you cannot see the end, you must have faith that you will reach your destination. The word “faith” also refers to “trust” or “belief." Even though there are some rationalists consider faith as blind ignorance, “faith” is that essential pillar on which our character rests. So, if you want to know what people around the world have faith in or believe in, then check out the faith wishes section. People living in different parts around the world express their wishes about their faith on this website. You can also share your own faith and wishes with others through One Wish. Just make the wish that is the most important one for you and then wait for it to come true. 


Wish for Your Dream Destination

Ever closed your eyes and imagined yourself being transported to the place of your dreams – your dream destination? All of us have a favourite place in their mind that they wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. You may have heard about this place from someone’s first-hand account or a story, may have seen a painting or photograph of this place or seen it on television or a movie. It can be a country such as Australia or a city-like London. From the mountains of Switzerland to the beautiful Hawaiian beaches, and from Norway’s gorges to Japan, your dream destination can be situated in any corner of the earth. It can even be an imaginary place that may have no existence, in reality. Whatever may be the place of your dreams that you wish to visit, why keep it inside your heart as a secret? Share it with others and read about the dream destinations of people around the world. If you have just one wish to make that would be the most important one in your life, then let it be known. You will also find it remarkably interesting to note the different places that people like to visit on the site. In fact, you may be surprised to find that your hometown, which you may find boring because you are used to it, is the dream destination of a person who lives at the other end of the globe. 


Wish to Become Financially Independent

In a world where money shapes your life and dreams, it is extremely important to become financially independent. Loans and debts that were initially taken to maintain a good lifestyle can become a burden later. You may also have to take loans in emergency situations in the family or business or for medical treatment. Huge debts can be incurred as you spent more than you earned. No matter what the reason is, most of us who are under pressure to clear off debts wish to become financially independent. Your wish to clear off all your debts can be done by taking steps like saving, paying the minimum amount due on credit cards, by working overtime, requesting for money on birthdays instead of gifts, and by spending only on those things that you really need. You can also sell your unnecessary possessions through eBay, garage sale, etc. It would be possible for you to save money only after clearing your debts. Share your good and bad experiences and wishes with people from different parts of the world. It is possible that someone may read your story and try to help you in realizing your dreams. When you read about the wishes of others, you will feel a strange connection with those who wished for the same things that you did. 


Wish to Become Rich

Most people throughout this world wish to become rich. The reason could be that they do not have enough money all the time to fulfil all their wishes. There are certain materialistic wishes that cannot be fulfilled without money, like having a luxurious lifestyle. Money is also essential for many other things like getting a higher education or a good medical treatment or a surgical operation. In Italy, it is commonly said that if you want to make money, then you can inherit it, marry it. However, there are other ways to become rich and that includes working harder and smarter than others. An alternative but easy way to become rich overnight is by winning a lottery or discovering a hidden treasure. Nevertheless, not all of us are lucky in this matter. Some people also wish to find something magical like Aladdin’s lamp that would bring out a genie to fulfil all their wishes, including the wish to live lavishly among riches. 


In the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is something that has eluded people for centuries. What did we not do in pursuit of happiness? From climbing mountains to diving into the depths in the ocean, from running after money to looking for happiness wherever we thought we could find it – we have not left any stone unturned. However, those who went in pursuit of it have repeatedly concluded that happiness lies within us. We just have to look within, and it’s ours to behold. We do not have to find it anywhere else. So many people all over the world feel that they are unhappy. They look everywhere other than the place where they will find it. And they wish for happiness – their own happiness and that of their family and friends. At times, you may feel that you are the unhappiest person upon the face of this earth. However, wait, here you can read through the stories of others and how they wish to be happy. You will not feel lonely anymore, and you too can share your story with the rest of the world. Just write about your wish for happiness and connect with millions of those who are seeking it or have already found their share! This way, your urge to find that secret key to happiness – be it money, fame or just luck, will find new ways to fulfil itself!