You have 'One Wish' inside you.

You know it. I know it, and the world knows it! However, sometimes, we need help making our wishes come true!

About One Wish

I have always believed in the power of wishes, and the idea that each one can change our lives - for better or worse. And while I don't believe in superstition, I do believe in magic, and that we all have it within us to make something happen if we put our minds to it. That's what this website is all about: bringing together people from all over the world, who share this same belief, so we can work towards making our dreams come true.

I want to make sure that no one ever has to feel alone when they're trying to achieve something big. We all need support and encouragement when we're trying to make our dreams come true, and that's why I want to create a safe space where people can express with others who are going through similar things.

I would also like to raise awareness of the charity Make-A-Wish Foundation which is in aid of children who have life-threatening illnesses. They are a fantastic organization. Therefore, I thought of bringing this to the attention throughout the world by introducing the ONE-WISH Pledge campaign, helping to maximise their exposure for everything they do for the children.

We'll be posting regular updates on our progress here on One Wish, so please follow along! And if you'd like to get involved yourself, feel free to drop us a line.

My Background

I have spent my working life in the business arena, both in the UK and internationally. In this time, I have learned that when you are faced with a challenge, it is best to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. How did you get there? What was your plan? Do you still have a plan? And if yes, what is it and how do you know that it is right for you?

These are all questions that I have asked myself on many occasions during my career. It was whilst asking myself these questions at one difficult period of my life that I began to understand how important it is for me to keep focused and motivated by setting goals. Goals which are not only challenging but also exciting, with a clear path designed from start to finish. The way in which I achieve this is by writing down my goals and aspirations.

I am a conscientious guy who works for a living and tries hard to balance a work; home & play relationship. I am fun to be around, and my friends will verify this—well; I hope they will… 

I live and work in England (UK) where I am lucky enough to be able to travel at the weekends to our beautiful national parks and enjoy the splendour of the English countryside at its best. My hobbies include traveling and exploring new ideas, as I can be a very adventurous individual. I am also the creator and founder of one wish.

My Philosophy

On life is simple; we come into this world with nothing we leave with nothing. However, what really matters is what we do in-between to help others whilst adhering to basic principles of honesty, integrity, reliability, and respect for every single individual regardless of race, creed, colour, situation, circumstance or environment. 

If I can help to make someone’s life easier, happier and more fulfilling for at least one day, then this alone is satisfactorily for me, why complicate life, for tomorrow is not a guarantee for anyone. If I am lucky enough to be here, then let me make a difference, no matter how small that difference may be.

Finally, there are a few people in this world who we meet on our way in life, people who make our life difficult, take advantage and even look down upon us, but hey, we shouldn't shun or seek retribution for those people. It's because of them, we learn, adapt and grow stronger. That's what life is all about; learning, experiencing, and adapting to a situation. We all have plus points, but we have negative one's too, because after all, we are all human! It’s what helps to make up our character's, and the individuals we become. Life must have a balance otherwise what is life?

The ONE-WISH Pledge

I've been running One Wish for a while now and with it the One Wish Pledge. I wanted to share some of the things I've learned over the years and my appreciation for everyone who has used it. 

The pledge started in 2009 as a way to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK has continued to gain momentum. That's why I'm going to continue donating 1p per wish to the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK for as long as exists. And I'm asking you—no; I'm begging you—to keep on making wishes, sharing wishes, and spreading the word about how important wishes are, too! —because every wish adds up! 

So please, make your wishes today and tell all your friends about it!

One Wish VIP Members Club!

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Real Wishes - One Wish

Real Wishes - One Wish