FREE, VIP Club Prize Draw!

WIN: USD$250 or UK£200

Next Draw: 
1st June 2024

Simple to enter…

Entry Rules:

To be in with a great chance of winning the bonus prize all you need to do is complete the following three quick steps.

Step 1. You just need to join (if you are not already a member) and remain a member of the ‘One Wish VIP Club’ (FREE to Join, just complete the simple form below) no later than 24hrs (1-day) prior to the draw taking place.

Step 2. Just post a shared link on 'Social Media' for; including the hashtag: #onewishvip the minimum number of required times as detailed below (note: any webpage shown on can be posted).

You will gain 'One Free Entry' into the (bonus) prize draw for every 'Five Post' on 'Social Media' (minimum requirement). All post must include a shared link to; including the hashtag: #onewishvip (note: any webpage shown on can be posted). - Various Social Media sharing buttons can be found on this website.

Step 3. Just one last step to complete your Free Entry, after completing the above (Points 1 & 2) and meeting the 'minimum requirement', is to send us a quick confirmation message using the contact form on this website. The message must include your name, email address (these must match the same details you entered when you joined the ‘One Wish VIP Club’) and confirm the number of times you have posted on Social Media.

There is no upper limit to the number of free entries you can gain, therefore, the more post on Social Media, the more chances you will have of winning!

For example; if you post; including the hashtag: #onewishvip '30 times' on 'Social Media', you will gain 'Six Entries' into the (bonus) prize draw.

That's it, all done!

Terms and Conditions

No entries submitted after the '30th of May 2024' will be accepted or be valid for the current draw but will be included in the next draw.

The user must and is solely responsible for providing a 'valid email address' upon joining the ‘One Wish VIP Club’, which is to remain valid for the duration of the competition to receive the prize if they are drawn as the winning entry (the user’s submitted email address upon joining the 'One Wish VIP Club' cannot be amended under any circumstances).

The user of the winning entry is solely responsible for acknowledging receipt of a 'winning notification email' within 21-days of receipt, thereby validating their email address. - If the user’s (winning entry) email address cannot be validated within the set period above the prize will be forfeited.

For audit purposes and fairness to all entrants, random users (entrants in the draw) will be selected and asked to verify their post. - Any post which cannot be verified will invalidate the user’s entry into the draw.

No cash alternative will be provided.

The maximum prize pay-out is as stated above.

The maximum number of winning entries per draw is one.

The promoter accepts no responsibility or liability for a user submitting incorrect details upon joining the ‘One Wish VIP Club’.

By joining the 'One Wish VIP Club' and entering the prize draw, you agree unreservedly to the 'Prize Draw entry 'Terms and Conditions' as set out on this page (Entry Rules and Draw Procedure).

The maximum liability to the promoter will be to the value of the stated prize.

The promoter’s (One Wish) decision is final.

Draw Procedure

  • One user's 'email address' will be 'drawn at random' on the next draw date shown above.
  • The user with the winning entry email address will be notified by email no later than 21 days from the draw taking place.
  • Upon receipt from the user of a validated email address, the prize will be sent by email (e-gift card) within 28 days.
Good Luck!

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One Wish VIP Members Club!

It’s an exclusive free club, open to everyone who enjoys being a part of the One Wish family!  The benefits of joining us;

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