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Happiness is something that has eluded people for centuries. What did we not do in pursuit of happiness? From climbing mountains to diving into the depths in the ocean, from running after money to looking for happiness wherever we thought we could find it – we have not left any stone unturned. However, those who went in pursuit of it have repeatedly concluded that happiness lies within us. We just have to look within, and it’s ours to behold. We do not have to find it anywhere else. So many people all over the world feel that they are unhappy. They look everywhere other than the place where they will find it. And they wish for happiness – their own happiness and that of their family and friends. At times, you may feel that you are the unhappiest person upon the face of this earth. However, wait, here you can read through the stories of others and how they wish to be happy. You will not feel lonely anymore, and you too can share your story with the rest of the world. Just write about your wish for happiness and connect with millions of those who are seeking it or have already found their share! This way, your urge to find that secret key to happiness – be it money, fame or just luck, will find new ways to fulfil itself!

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Real Wishes - One Wish