How many times did you make a wish today?

You probably didn't realize it, but you made a wish three times today. You made a wish when you first got up and looked out your window, before getting ready for the day. You made a wish when you closed your eyes at night and dreamed of all the things that could be. And you likely made one more after dinner with family or friends—a silent wish in your heart that everything goes well for those around you.

However, if making wishes were only limited to these occasions, what could be done to increase their frequency? There are several ways we can increase our chances throughout the day and make our wishes more effective as well:

First thing in the morning, make sure to say thanks for being alive! Then make two or three more wishes about all the wonderful things that might happen during this day (and try not to think too hard about how unlikely some of them might be).

At noon or mid-afternoon, if possible, stop whatever else is going on (even if just for five minutes) so that everyone can take time out together while they share their favourite snack of fruits/vegetables/nuts/etc..... This is also an excellent time to make another round of wishes while looking deep into each other's eyes!

How many of them came true?

There is a good chance that your wish will come true, but it's not guaranteed. What you need to do to make your wishes come true is to believe in them and work towards making them a reality. This can be done by doing things like making sure that you have clear intentions for each wish, visualizing yourself achieving the goal of your wish and taking action towards making it happen. It's also important not to get discouraged if your first few attempts don't work out quite as planned; as long as you're persistent and keep trying, eventually something will happen!

The best way of determining whether or not a wish will actually come true is by looking at its likelihood beforehand. For example: if someone were planning on wishing "the sun won't rise tomorrow," their chances aren't very good because there's no way around this one—the sun has got to rise! However, if they changed their mind into something less likely such as “my dog will fly” then there's still hope!

Granted, if you only make one wish each day and they all get fulfilled, then it doesn’t truly matter how many there were in total. However, if we assume that only one out of 100 wishes really comes true (a very generous assumption), then it’s only logical to make 100 wishes per day. If this is the case, and your goal is actually to increase your chances of getting something granted by making more wishes than usual, then what should be the ideal number at which point a person should stop wishing?

If you want to maximize the likelihood that something will come true for yourself via magic or intuition—or whatever else might be responsible for granting such requests—then there's no reason not to wish as often as possible! The more times someone makes a request through any medium (whether verbal or written), the higher their chances are going into getting something positive back.

If on any given day, at least 1 out of 1000 people make a wish in the exact same moment throughout the world, then the chance is high that your wish will come true!

The more people who wish for the same thing, the more likely it is to happen. For example, if you wanted to go on a date with someone and 999 other people made that same wish at exactly the same time, then there's an extremely good chance that you'd be matched up with someone through online dating and go out on your first date within a few weeks.

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