Wish of the Month

I wish to become more outgoing and popular at both jobs and be a positive influence on others around me. I wish to become rich, full of life and wealthy and able to help others in the community and be a bright spark in the community with fun, food and freedom of expression. I wish for the gun violence to stop, and people stop getting shot and killed. I wish for the safety and health of myself, my friends and family. I am very lucky and healthy and supported and cherished. People do love me, and I feel so good when I help other people out. I pray that my blog becomes successful, and I can have sponsors for my work. Publishing some kid's books and poetry collections as well. I am a super successful writer and author and am well loved by many! I wish to live in a safe area and am looked out for and cared about and loved by my neighbors and friends. God & the universe see my potential and know that I am capable of great things!

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